About Application

Har Har Mahadev is the Best Application for your desktop!

We provide website blocker and internet filtering services. You can ‘Google’ and surf the net with the freedom and the assurance that you and your family are now protected against indiscriminate content. You can control and decide what websites your child will have access to. Block all the sites that deserve to be blocked.

Use Har Har Mahadev Application, and give your family the freedom to be entertained; to browse, search and gather information without the hassle of being flooded with undesirable content. For more information on our website blocker and internet filtering service, contact the Har Har Mahadev Team today!

It’s for all of us, not just children!

  • There is no need for us to succumb to the temptation of pornography and in the process, defile the sanctity of a home.
  • Pornography negatively impacts marriages, families, individuals, and values like integrity, fidelity, and honesty.
  • You don’t even need to be actively looking for pornographic sites, you simply come across them – no one is protected from such sites.

Awesome Features

When Har Har Mahadev blocks a website, you’ll see a wonderful motivational message and hear some inspirational music to remind you that you should be working. The idea is to motivate you and get you back on track! Sample
With this you can easily block as many websites as you want. There is no limit! You can create up to six different block lists for different occasions!
In case you need to block certain websites, but leave a few, you can just add those sites in the exception tab to allow them.
Each website or app that you block saves time for you. You can also share your progress with friends on Facebook – interesting isn’t it?
Configure Har Har Mahadev once to see your policy automatically applied to all major browsers. Block any websites Set active days & times for each site, Block adult related content.