Frequently Asked Questions

You can block any website that you want to. For instance, to block Facebook, just add www.facebook.com to your block list. For those websites that have different domains for different functions, you may need to block all of them to get it working fully.
We block all sites that run on the same servers as a site on your block list. For some larger sites, this can be surprising.
Yes! It is absolutely free!
Yes, you can. Under File - Save. Or Command-S. Just like you would save anything else on windows. Maybe you could even post the file on your website to share, if you don’t feel awkward or embarrassed about it, that is.
No, Har Har Mahadev is not VPN compatible. It is not technically feasible to block websites properly if you're using a VPN.
Yes, you have the freedom and flexibility to regulate the time as per your needs.
Unfortunately, that is not possible. So think through before you start.